05 July, 2019

A “Souvenir” for Athletes, Musicians, and Fans

Baba Shrimps and two Weltklasse Zürich stars to release song next week. The Swiss pop band Baba Shrimps, pole vault Olympic silver medallist Sandi Morris and top sprinter Noah Lyles share a great passion for music. The three popular musicians and the two US athletics stars therefore followed an invitation by Weltklasse Zürich to join forces for a very special project. The result – a souvenir to treasure – was released on July 8.


Weltklasse Zürich is about the passion of trying to improve, to evolve. It is a passion the international athletics meeting shares with top athletes around the world. They, too, never rest on their laurels. They strive to get better, to make progress. On the initiative of Weltklasse Zürich, the Zurich band Baba Shrimps, pole vaulter Sandi Morris, and top sprinter Noah Lyles got together to capture this passion in a song.

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“Getting a bit closer to your dream”

The result of the extraordinary project is called “Souvenir”. The song reveals the musical talent of two athletics stars and ingeniously combines their voices with the unique sound of the Zurich band. The song’s lyrics speak to the idea of cherishing memories like valuable keepsakes. “The song is about something you experience both in sports and in music,” Adrian Kübler, Baba Shrimp lead singer, explains. “You invest an enormous amount of time into preparing. And then, sometimes you don’t succeed, sometimes you don’t come in first. That’s when it is really important to call to mind those good moments. You always have to try and draw on the positive energy they still give you. You have to recall, why you are doing it all in the first place. And that it is all about living the passion of getting a bit closer to your dream.”

As the Weltklasse Zürich promoters discovered, Sandi Morris and Noah Lyles both love music. The pole vault star has published several songs on YouTube, and the young sprinter has proven that he is also an accomplished rapper on platforms, such as Spotify. “It’s honestly a dream come true,” Sandi Morris admits. “It is another life path that, maybe, if athletics hadn’t happened, I would have pursued. I am very excited and honoured that I was chosen. It’s just really cool to be part of this project.”

Baba Shrimps created the song in close collaboration with the two athletes. In July, both Sandi and Noah spent a day in a Zurich studio. An experience the sprint star clearly enjoyed: “It was great fun. And it’s a good song. Sandy has an amazing voice – and so do the band. I think it’s going to get stuck in a lot of people’s heads.”

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