Weltklasse Zürich 2019



Inside Weltklasse

#insideweltklasse – Weltklasse Zürich on social media

Weltklasse Zürich will be providing deep insights into the heart of the operations prior and during this year’s events. Our social media team will stay in touch with all fans throughout the Weltklasse Zürich week.

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Kids Clinic: Jugend trainiert mit Weltklasse Zürich in six Swiss towns

Switzerland’s most famous PE lesson will be held in Aarau, Bern, Chur, Frauenfeld, Willisau, and Zurich, this year.

CYBATHLON and Weltklasse Zürich

ETHZ, the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, and Weltklasse Zürich join forces and stage a set of exciting competitions at Zurich Main Station on Tuesday, 27 August. Commuters will get to participate in the CYBATHLON Experience and learn more about assistive technology, and about how innovations can assist people with disabilities in their everyday lives.

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Weltklasse Zürich at Zurich Main Station: Pole vault women

Weltklasse Zürich presents a unique athletics experience and a competition at the highest level on the eve of the IAAF Diamond League final. Five of the world’s top ten pole vaulters of all time will be lining up for it. The pole vault event highlight will be broadcast live on www.srf.ch/sport (no geo-blocking).



Meeting WKZ

Weltklasse Zürich – IAAF Diamond League final event at Letzigrund Stadium

Letzigrund Stadium will be packed on the night of Weltklasse Zürich. The legendary Zurich audience, 25,000 spectators, will be cheering the stars of athletics at the sold-out arena.

UBS Kids Cup Schweizer Final

UBS Kids Cup: National Final

UBS Kids Cup is the largest project promoting young athletes in Switzerland. More than 140'000 talents participitated in the events; 540 of them managed to qualify for the national final. They are between seven and fifteen years of age and will try to win their final competitions – under the watchful eyes of many national and international athletics stars.